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7th Annual Green Living Tour & Home Show

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Saturday, May 21, 2016
10 am to 4 pm

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The MOB Shop

Begin your tour at The MOB Shop, 110 W. Ojai Ave., the map purchase/pick-up for the Tour & Home Show. A “green” building project itself, be sure to check out some of the green features of The MOB Shop and browse the onsite Green Living Home Show and Electric Vehicle Showcase. For a full list of Home Show exhibitors visit the Home Show page.


Click here to visit the MOB shop Website.

Solhaus Design Tiny Office Site 1 - Tiny Structures at the MOB Shop. The 'Humble Handcraft' 220 sq. ft. tiny house in built on a 28 ft. trailer, and custom crafted with reclaimed building materials. SOL POD by Sol Haus Design (pictured) is a 120 sq. ft. mobile studio designed to be very portable for multiple uses.
(Photo credit Sol Haus Design)

Site 2 - 'Alchemy Grove' is a beautiful, earth friendly respite in the Ojai Oaks West neighborhood abounding in nature among stark suburban lawns . Owners Paul Gibbons and Heather Mohan-Gibbons embarked on a journey of alchemical transformation a few years ago when they purchased this house with 12-15 years of deferred maintenance. They saw something that could be transformed into something extraordinary. (Photo credit:Logan Hall Photography)

Site 3 - Old world charm meets modern water conservation landscaping and lifestyle at this 'Water-wise’ home. Owners Doug Reed and Kris Humphries maintain an orchard and garden box with graywater and rainwater catchment systems. Two screened porches, hardwood floors and an outdoor fountain garden take you back in time, while employing current eco-friendly building and landscape methods.
(Photo credit:Logan Hall Photography)

Site 4 - How do you preserve architectural history while incorporating 21st century thinking around sustainability and ecological design? This is the challenge Dave and Erika Cianciulli set for themselves after they fell in love with and purchased ‘The House on the Hill’ in 2013. Before the Cianciullis found it, the 90-year-old building was rapidly falling into disrepair, but they have dramatically brought back to life the house and its property.
(Photo credit Allen Construction)

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